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Issue 7 is here and hungry!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

A newborn year is upon us and with the change in such tides comes a new issue of Book of Matches! Behold the wonderful, strange, and wry contributions of authors who came into these pages riding barnacle crusted steeds and bronze fur foxes.

Please use the download link(s) below for both the PDF and FlipBook versions. Please also take some time to link this page and share far and wide across your social media platforms and in any other spaces you wish.

Here’s to spells cast and spells wished! Issue 7 Online FlipBook (Click Me) Submissions for issue 8 will open January 3rd, 2023. Please refer to our submissions page for complete guidelines. With great admiration and affection- -Kelli and Nicholas

Book of Matches Winter Issue 7
Download PDF • 2.80MB

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