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Issue 9’s Silky Smooth Release

We find ourselves slipping from the dog days of summer into the slow march towards fall, and this transition has a lot to say about what it means to exist at all. Issue 9 will help you explore this movement towards understanding the relationship between reverence and loss – humor and tragedy. And other things besides. Take a deep breath, spin a cocoon and spend some time with these words put in such careful order.

Issue 9 is the hot breakfast cereal you need to bring the fall. It’s like…malt-o-meal.

Please use the download link(s) below for both the PDF and FlipBook versions. Please also take some time to link this page and share far and wide across your social media platforms and in any other spaces you wish.

Here’s to what is and was and could and just might, with a little magic, be!

High Quality .PDF:

Book of Matches Fall Issue 9
Download PDF • 4.68MB

Submissions for Issue 10 will open September 8, 2023.

Please refer to our submissions page for complete guidelines.

With great admiration and affection-

Kelli and Nicholas

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1 Comment

Gong Gong
Gong Gong
Sep 06, 2023

I love your incendiary ideation.

congratulations on all your issues. 😍

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