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Issue 2 is live!

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

We are thrilled to welcome Issue 2 of Book of Matches into the world and share the news that the issue is LIVE and brimming to burst with fantastic, strange, gut-pummeling, and gorgeous work!

This issue is wild and reaches far with its many voices and intentions. We hope you are as enriched by its contents as we are. Please use the download link(s) below for both the PDF and FlipBook versions. Feel free to link this page to share wide across your social media platforms and in any other spaces you wish.

Thank you to our (supremely talented and attractive) contributors for trusting us with your exceptional poems and stories. It remains an absolute honor, and very real joy, to give your words a warm home.

Happy Spring!


Book of Matches Spring Issue 2 2021
Download PDF • 5.31MB

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1 Comment

Jul 07, 2021

Why is most of the writing kind of sad or bleak? Do people need poetry to reach their peak or without it they are meek? Not creeps who weep endlessly stirring in their deep sleep but rather they leap likes frogs in the bogs. This is all okay since once when I picked up hay the bees stung me and I cried. I ran from the hive they didn't care about my jive. I wasn't tall and did not have a ball as I balled all the way home alone. 🤡

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