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ISSUE 5 is Free of its Chrysalis!

Is it sticky? Yes. Does it have more than one wing? Yes. Are all of its legs ready to scamper across your screen? Yes! The spring issue (5) of Book of Matches is LIVE. Please use the download link(s) below for both the PDF and FlipBook versions. Please also take some time to link this page and share far and wide across your social media platforms and in any other spaces you wish.

A huge thank you to the unique and diverse collection of authors who have gifted their work for this issue. Submissions for issue 6 will open May 5th. Please refer to our submissions page for complete guidelines. Now, go grab something sweet and crumbly, have a sit down, and get ready to be probed by this issue's proboscis.

Onward, inward, and with much affection,

-Kelli and Nicholas Read the FlipBook Here

Book of Matches Spring Issue 5
Download PDF • 12.50MB

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Jul 02, 2022

Q: where dost thou findest THE truth,

my just and worthy liege??

A: not from the L nor the R in this

feeble, fallible, finite existence.

I assume you know what a NDEr is:

millions around the world have

experienced as I went through.

'Follow us Uppastairs by honoring

the Mudda of God if you don'ta do

nthn else, kapiche??' -sez the savvy,

sassy, sauve Carnivæl Barker

(isnt sHe anti-establishment?)

☆ ☆


Jul 15, 2022
Replying to

(on our honeymoon).

When the human race

goes Upstairs for accepting

Jesus, we shall have a

Wild-X-honeymoon which

will last for a meeeesly year

or, in my case, 1,001 years.

Why do I get that x-tra length?

Cuzz! I asked our Mum to talk

to her Son and she replied with

a 'YES!! You shall get 1,001 years

to love on your honeymoon!!'

Wanna fall'n love withe Trinity?

Or fall asleep? Times wasting.

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